Selection Process

After the receipt of the initial application, schools will reply with clarifying dates/times, and information collection.

Part 1: Short-listing

The short-listing process consists of three parts:

  • practical musicianship test
  • short individual performance (pre-recorded)
  • portfolio (school documents and references, and supporting documentation) see below

The allocated time for this process is approximately 90-120 minutes.

Practical Musicianship Test

Applicants are divided into groups of 10 to 14 and taken through a series of musical games and activities during which their musical aptitude is assessed by a panel consisting of 3 music teachers. Applicants will also complete a short, written aural test. These tests do not require any knowledge of musical notation.

Short Individual Performance

Applicants are asked to submit video recordings of TWO pieces of up to three minutes each (either on the same instrument or one piece on each instrument). No accompaniment is required.


A Portfolio of information should include:

  • most recent reports from their present school or relevant documentation
  • contact details of referees [including classroom music teacher(s) and instrumental teacher(s)]
  • a list of musical, social and/or sporting activities to demonstrate the applicant’s commitment and/or long term responsibilities. (e.g. participation in school or extra-curricular music ensembles/choirs, team sports, student leadership, community service, a particular interest, etc.)
  • any other information or documentation to help highlight the applicant’s musical background and experience. (e.g. compositions, creative work, past exam reports, etc.)

If successful at Part 1, applicants will proceed to Part 2 in a subsequent week.

Part 2: Audition

The audition consists of two parts:

  • performance
  • interview

The allocated time for this process is 15 minutes. Parents/guardians are required be present.


Applicants are required to prepare 2 contrasting pieces (the piece presented in Part 1 may be presented again). If the applicant plays more than one instrument they may choose to play one work on each instrument. Applicants are asked to bring an accompanist or backing tracks if the works require them. Accompanists may be available with prior request. Applicants are advised to bring copies of printed music (if available) for the audition panel.


At the interview, panel members will outline the expectations of the Special Interest Music program and whole school expectations. Applicants are asked to outline their musical and other relevant interests, and discuss why they would like to be part of the Special Interest Music program.

The Audition Panel consists of 2 representatives from the Special Interest Music Centres.


Head of Music
Andrew Barrett


Music Secretary
Pamela Parsons

Phone: 8375 8215

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