Music student on violin - Brighton Secondary School
Brighton Secondary School Music Student

Selection Process

Part 1: Short-listing

The short-listing process consists of two parts:

  • practical musicianship test
  • short individual performance

Practical Musicianship Test

Applicants are divided into groups of 10-14 and guided through a series of musical games and activities during which their musical aptitude is assessed by a panel of three music teachers. Applicants also complete a short written aural test. No prior knowledge of musical notation is required to complete these tests.

Short Individual Performance

Applicants are asked to present one piece of up to three minutes on their main instrument. No accompaniment is required. Applicants are advised to bring a copy of the printed music for the audition panel, if available.

If successful at Part 1, applicants will proceed to Part 2 in a subsequent week.

Part 2: Audition

The audition consists of two parts:

  • performance
  • interview

The allocated time for this process is 15 minutes. Parents/guardians must be present.


Applicants are asked to present two pieces (the piece presented in Part 1 may be presented again). If the applicant plays more than one instrument, one piece may be presented on each instrument. Applicants are asked to bring an accompanist or backing tracks if the pieces are accompanied. An accompanist may be available with prior request. Applicants are advised to bring three copies of the printed music for the audition panel, if available.


Applicants are advised to bring a portfolio that includes:

  • most recent reports from their present school or relevant documentation
  • references from instrumental teachers
  • evidence of long-term commitment to musical, sporting or community activities
  • any other information or documentation that highlights the applicant’s musical background and experience

The audition panel consists of the Head of Music (or representative) from Brighton Secondary School and representatives from the Special Interest Music Centres.

Applications for entry into Year 8, 2020 close on the 3rd May with shortlisting on the 11th of May.

Applications for entry into Years 9-12, 2020 close on the 3rd August with auditions on the 4th of September.


Head of Music
Andrew Barrett


Music Secretary
Pamela Parsons

Phone: 8375 8215

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