School Sport

Zone Sport

Zone sport is played weekly on a home and away basis with other schools in the Southern Zone. Matches generally take place Monday to Thursday afternoons. Matches are scheduled to start at 3.30pm and finish at 4.30pm. Most of the sports offer two age groupings; Year 8/9 and Year 10/11/12. Registration per term ranges from $40-$90. Uniform hire or purchase is extra.

Although there are a wide range of sports offered, two conditions need to be met before a team can be entered:

1. Sufficient players to enter a team
2. A coach or supervisor of the team

Sports offered include: Volleyball, Tennis, Basketball, Soccer, Girls Soccer, Badminton, Netball, Football, Girls Football, Table Tennis and Indoor Soccer.

Knockout Sport

Knockout sport is a competition which is organised through School Sport SA. As the name implies, teams will be ‘knocked out’ of the draw after a loss. This process continues until a play off in a grand final.

Many of the sports are offered at three age levels; Year 8/9, Year 10 and Year 11/12. These sports are generally played during school hours. Cost varies from $10-$30.

Brighton Secondary School competes annually in the following sports: Cricket, Touch, Baseball, Tennis, Badminton, Football, Netball, Basketball, Soccer, Volleyball, Hockey, Indoor Soccer and Girls Football.

State Championships

Brighton Secondary School competes in many of the School Sport SA Championships. These include: Track and Field, Swimming, Tennis, Individual Triathlon, Teams Triathlon, Cycling Time Trial, Cycling Tour, Surfing, Golf, Cross Country, Lawn Bowls, Mountain Biking and Lacrosse Championships.

Brighton also competes in many one day carnivals, including: 9-a-side Football, Girls Soccer, Girls Surf Coaching, Touch, Golf and Tenpin Bowling.

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