Sport Opportunities

Participate in a diverse range of sporting opportunities, with both competitive and social sport events available.

Students are always welcome to visit the library to see our Sports Officer to discuss extra-curricular activities and opportunities, or email

Nominations for Term 2 and Term 3 Zone Sport are now open!

Zone Sport is a great opportunity to meet new friends, try a new sport and have fun. Follow the steps below to see what sports are on offer for Term 2 and Term 3.


By completing this form, you are agreeing to commit to a team for the duration of the season (Week 4, Term 2 – Week 4, Term 3).

Students need to ensure that they have parent/caregiver approval and are aware of the details (day of match and cost) before submitting.

1. Click on the nomination link

2. Enter required information – Full name, year level, nominated sport(s)

3. Click Submit

4. If sufficient student interest is received, nominating students will be contacted via email once nominations close.

Nominations close on Friday 3 May 2024 (Week 1, Term 2).

If you have any questions regarding the process or the sports on offer, please see Bianca Smith in the library (office B.G.03) or email

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