International Program

International Programs Offered

The fee paying International programs that are offered to overseas students at Brighton Secondary School:

  • High School Study Abroad Programs
  • High School Graduate Program
  • Intensive Secondary English Course (ISEC)
  • Study Tours

International students who study at Brighton Secondary School are supported by a committed team of staff comprising of an International Student Manager, School Support Officer, Senior Leader of School Climate and highly experienced, caring teachers.

  • We endeavour to build strong relationships with students, parents and homestay families to ensure the positive engagement and successful achievement of all international students.
  • Orientation programs enable International Students to get to know each other and to feel welcome within the school community.
  • Our International Captains arrange opportunities for student in the International program to share their cultural experiences with others.

High School Graduate Program

This is our largest group of students. Students coming to Brighton Secondary School in this program are those intending to complete all of their secondary studies and maybe tertiary education in Adelaide or elsewhere in Australia. Students have come from China, Japan, Vietnam, Korea, Hong Kong SAR, Laos and Germany.

An ISEC (Intensive Secondary English Course) program can be offered where students improve their general English language skills while also learning the specialist language of different academic areas. On completion of the ISEC course, students move into mainstream classes with local students while continuing to study EAL (English as an Additional Language).

High School Study Abroad Program

These students come as fee paying students, usually for three, six or twelve months and live in government organised and approved homestay accommodation. Study Abroad students can choose from academic or experiential programs suitable for their interests and needs. Many of our Japanese, German, Swedish, Norwegian, Italian, French, Chinese and Brazilian students come to us under this program.

For further information please visit International Education Services at and express a preference for Brighton Secondary School.

Intensive Secondary English Course (ISEC)

The ISEC program is offered in a learning environment that encourages students’ language skills, collaboration and social skills and intercultural perspectives, before they enter mainstream classes. This class usually consists of no more than eighteen students who are supported by a core group of specialist teachers, and have a program specially designed to assist in developing their English proficiency, their knowledge of Australia and Australian lifestyle and introductory courses designed to familiarise students with schooling in Australia.

Study Tours

The school also hosts study tours for visiting student groups, usually for up to 14 days. Whilst here, students stay with Australian families to experience our lifestyle.

This program includes English classes, experiential programs of mainstream lessons and excursions in and around Adelaide.

Schools may negotiate with International Education Services to experience a two-week program at Brighton Secondary School.

For further information on study tours at Brighton Secondary School please click here.

More Information

For more detailed information (offered in a variety of languages) about studying in Adelaide please click on the following link:

To enroll as an International Student at Brighton Secondary School or for more information about studying abroad in South Australia, please contact:

International Education Services
Department for Education
PO Box 1152, Adelaide SA 5001 | GFW, 31 Flinders Street, Adelaide SA 5000
Telephone: +618 8226 3402  Fax: +618 8226 3655

Education Services for Overseas Students (ESOS) Legislative Framework

For further information on study tours at Brighton Secondary School please click on the following link:


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