Philosophy and Objectives

Our Vision

To be the school of choice to equip young people for a bright future.

We Value

As a South Australian Department for Education school, we aspire to the values established by the Department. Brighton Secondary School promotes the character qualities of Curiosity, Courage and Citizenship

  • Courage – Students will demonstrate courage by standing up for their personal convictions, taking risks and participating.
  • Curiosity – Students will enthusiastically inquire about their learning. They will be prepared to think deeply in order to make meaning. They will problem solve in collaboration with others on their journey to being self-directed learners.
  • Citizenship – Students will respectfully communicate with others and have a sense of their place and responsibility as citizens in a global context, evident through involvement in service and leadership.

Our Mission

Our mission is to create lifelong learners who can problem solve, think creatively and critically, communicate effectively and act ethically in a dynamic global environment.

Our motto, Fac Omnia Bene, – “Do All Things Well”

Brighton seeks to provide world-class education where the curriculum is derived from student autonomy and personalised learning; the pedagogy mirrors product-oriented processes and the context is a globalised campus.

Students and staff share the responsibility to create optimal conditions for sustained, relevant and rigorous learning within the Australian Curriculum and the South Australian Certificate of Education frameworks. We seek to provide world class education where the curriculum and pedagogical approaches embrace challenge and stretch.

At Brighton Secondary School, we prepare bright minds for bright lives through bright thinking by:

  • Acquiring core knowledge
  • Working collaboratively
  • Developing an academic and growth mindset
  • Learning to communicate effectively to solve complex problems
  • Learning how to learn.
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