Think Bright Program

Special Interest in Creative and Critical Thinking

There is a focus on creative and critical thinking in the Think Bright Program that enriches the learning experience for students who have demonstrated initiative, leadership, problem-solving skills, and an interest in rigorous learning.

The program seeks to extend higher order thinking and entrepreneurial skills through collaborative, personalised and challenge based learning methodologies. Teachers embrace inquiry approaches to learning and deliver a dynamic interdisciplinary program.

Students may apply for the Think Bright Program by completing the application form.

A Brief History

The Think Bright Program began in 2014 and now incorporates classes from Years 8 to 10. Teachers are merit-selected to teach in the program, participate in and undertake research pursuits and are committed to implementing the best of cutting-edge teaching and learning methodologies.

Students are in the same class for English, HASS, Mathematics and Science from Year 8 to Year 10 enabling integrated curriculum delivery. In addition, they study specialised subjects at each year level that focus on innovation and resilience.

Student Commitment

It is expected that all successful applicants in the Think Bright Program will:

  • Intend to study up to SACE Stage 2 (Year 12) at Brighton Secondary School.
  • Commit to fully participate in the Think Bright Program and graduate at the end of Year 10.
  • Be an ambassador for the Think Bright Program through commitment to the whole school curriculum, policies and school values.
  • Maintain a standard of rigorous learning and growth.
  • Participate in Think Bright extension activities.

Curriculum and Pedagogy

Curriculum content is aligned to the Australian Curriculum (AC) requirements. Interdisciplinary approaches to teaching and learning occur as part of the program with a focus upon higher order thinking through creativity and critical thinking across the curriculum. Pedagogy is aligned to TfEL (SA Teaching for Effective Learning), emphasises learner voice and embraces inquiry, integrated and challenge-based learning mindsets. The challenge-based learning models utilise, supports and encourages students to be curious, creative and connected.

Think Bright classes and teachers undertake product-orientated projects to develop innovative ways of exploring learning pursuits. This approach supports the advancement of new ideas, pioneering and entrepreneurial mindsets.

Other purpose-designed co-curricular activities that stretch and enrich student learning are an integral part of the program.

Structure of the Curriculum

The program runs from Year 8 to 10. Students remain together for English, Humanities (History and/or Geography), Science, and Mathematics (Year 8 and 9). In addition, they study specialised subjects at each year level with a particular focus on innovation and resilience. Students are integrated within Strand 1 across school houses and home-groups.

  • Year 8 Think Bright students remain together for English, History and Geography, Mathematics and Science. The specialised semester unit is in Design and Technology (F1 in Schools and digital technologies curriculum focus).
  • Year 9 Think Bright students remain together for English, History, Mathematics and Science. The specialised semester unit, the Challenge-Based Project (CBP), is a student-driven unit that focuses on self-regulation and innovation, allowing students to develop an entrepreneurial mindset.
  • Year 10 Think Bright students remain together for English, History and Science. The specialised semester unit is STEM, a program that fuses Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Mathematics to explore and apply learning in new contexts.

Benefits Available to Successful Applicants

Successful applicants will receive the following benefits:

  • The opportunity to study their core and specialised subjects with students who have similar interests and mindsets.
  • Additional extra-curricular activities to extend creative and critical thinking skills.
  • The opportunity to work with qualified and expressly selected staff in a vibrant, supportive and engaging learning environment.
  • Student initiative through Challenge Learning methodologies and STEM programs, with extension activities such as Write a Book in a Day, CBP expo and Oliphant Science Awards providing the opportunity for students to showcase product and performance based learning.
  • Classes primarily based in the contemporary Bright Centre, architecturally-designed to emphasise innovation and collaboration.


2020 Semester 2 Applications

Semester 2 applications are now open to year 8 and 9 students that currently attend Brighton Secondary School.  Students will be required to complete the electronic application below and submit together with a 2 minute creative video describing who you are and why you believe you should be selected for the Think Bright Program.

Applications close on MONDAY 20 JULY 2020.

Click here to complete application

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