Think Bright

Special Interest in Creative and Critical Thinking

The Think Bright Program seeks to extend higher order thinking and entrepreneurial skills through personalised, collaborative and challenge-based learning strategies. Teachers design dynamic interdisciplinary program that embrace inquiry approaches to learning.

Students may apply for the Think Bright program by completing the application form.

A Brief History

The Think Bright program began in 2014 and now incorporates classes from years 7 to 9. Teachers are merit-selected to teach in the program, participate in and undertake research pursuits and are committed to implementing the best of cutting-edge teaching and learning methodologies.

Students are in the same class for English, HASS, Mathematics and Science from year 7 to year 9 enabling integrated curriculum delivery. In addition, they study specialised subjects that focus on innovation and resilience.

Student Commitment

It is expected that all successful applicants in the Think Bright program will:

  • successfully complete 3 years in the Think Bright program.
  • be an ambassador for the Think Bright program through commitment to the whole school curriculum, policies and school values.
  • maintain a standard of rigorous learning and growth
  • Commit to, as part of their personal learner goal development, extension activities including student leadership, write a book in a day and debating.

Curriculum and Pedagogy

The curriculum is aligned to the Australian Curriculum with units and projects integrated with an emphasis on challenge-based, inquiry approaches. Teachers work with the students to build disposition and confidence to increasingly drive their own learning pathways.

Structure of the Curriculum

Think Bright students remain in the same class for the core subjects of mathematics, science, English and Humanities and Social Sciences (HASS). In each year level, Think Bright students undertake a semester-length specialised subject, as outlined below.

Year 7 – Challenge-Based project (CBP)
The ability to effectively research in the modern world is becoming more important than ever. Students are supported to discover and identify the differences between truth and fiction, build on a chosen interest and develop greater understandings. Students work individually or in groups to create and meet a challenge culminating in a final showcase.

Year 8 – F1 in Schools
Students have the opportunity to engage with the F1 in Schools competition. The objective is for students to acquire skills in Computer Aided Design and Manufacturing software to engineer a F1 model car to rigorous competition specifications along with other engineering activities.

Year 9 – Community-Based project (CBP)
Students work in teams to design and deliver a program/event for the entire Year 9 cohort that builds connectedness to the local/global community.

Benefits Available to Successful Applicants

Successful applicants will receive the following benefits:

  • The opportunity to study their core and specialised subjects with students who have similar interests and mindsets.
  • Additional extra-curricular activities to extend creative and critical thinking skills.
  • The opportunity to work with qualified and expressly selected staff in a vibrant, supportive and engaging learning environment.
  • Student initiative through Challenge Learning methodologies and STEM programs, with extension activities such as Write a Book in a Day, CBP expo and Oliphant Science Awards providing the opportunity for students to showcase product and performance based learning.
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