Selection Process

Why consider applying for the Special Interest Volleyball Program?

Students benefit from:

  • the opportunity to study Volleyball and other practical activities with students who have similar interests and abilities.
  • the opportunity to learn skills, knowledge and attitudes that will benefit participation in any sport, but also have a positive impact on academic and vocational pursuits.
  • the opportunity to work with specialised staff, including training with coaches from the SA Institute of Sport and Australian Institute of Sport.
  • being encouraged to trial for competitions and to experience travelling to country areas, interstate and overseas.
  • being a part of a program that is recognised nationally for its successes.

The Selection Process

To apply for the Special Interest Volleyball Program, please complete this online application form.

Once you have completed your online application form, the next step is to attend the appropriate trial (dates to be confirmed).

Initial Trial

  • 20m Shuttle “Beep test” – Aerobic endurance
  • 5m Agility Test – Agility
  • 20m Sprint – Explosive speed
  • Vertical Jump – Explosive leg power
  • Over Arm Throw – Upper body power
  • Height

Final Selection

Out-of-School Zone students selected from the initial trial will be invited to attend the final selection trial at which movement, co-ordination and ball skills will be tested.  Should your child be selected, second round Out-of-School Zone trials will take place in week 11 of term 1.

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