Female Volleyball Student - Brighton Secondary School
Female Volleyball Student - Brighton Secondary School

Selection Process

Why consider applying for the Special Interest Volleyball Program?

Students benefit from:

  • the opportunity to study Volleyball and other practical activities with students who have similar interests and abilities.
  • the opportunity to learn skills, knowledge and attitudes that will benefit participation in any sport, but also have a positive impact on academic and vocational pursuits.
  • the opportunity to work with specialised staff, including training with coaches from the SA Institute of Sport and Australian Institute of Sport.
  • being encouraged to trial for competitions and to experience travelling to country areas, interstate and overseas.
  • being a part of a program that is recognised nationally for its successes.

The In-Zone Selection Process

All in-zone students will receive an invitation to trial for the program in their generic welcoming package to the school. In-zone trials are conducted in Term 3.

The Out-of-School Zone Selection Process

Year 7 Out-of-School Zone trials are conducted in Term 2. Children who wish to attend the Volleyball trials may contact Reception on 8375 8200 in Term 1 to make an appointment for a trial. An application package will then be posted.

The application package includes information outlining the program, the selection process and the testing that will occur during the trials. There is also a return-addressed envelope and referral sheet for the Year 7 teacher, parent and coach to complete and return to the school before the applications close.

Years 8-11 Out-of-School Zone trials are conducted in Term 3. On the trial day applicants will have the following fitness test data measured and recorded:

Initial Trial

  • 20m Shuttle “Beep test” – Aerobic endurance
  • 5m Agility Test – Agility
  • 20m Sprint – Explosive speed
  • Vertical Jump – Explosive leg power
  • Over Arm Throw – Upper body power
  • Height

Final Selection

Students selected from the initial trial will be invited to attend the final selection trial at which movement, co-ordination and ball skills will be tested.

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