Brighton Secondary School is a high demand school and the Department for Education has implemented a formal Capacity Management Plan (CMP) that sets out our unique enrolment criteria.

A CMP is one of the strategies the department uses to support government schools that have more demand for enrolment than available places and assists us to maintain our highly valued special interest programs.

The specific terms of Brighton Secondary CMP are available at the following link SA Government Gazette – 26 November 2020.

Further information relating to Capacity Managements Plans can be found here.

You can type in your address at this link to check if you live within the boundary.


Brighton Secondary School is a large secondary school for students which is located approximately 12 kilometres south west of the city in an attractive coastal suburb of South Australia.

Situated within the City of Holdfast Bay local council area it is located within a major tourist area, which boasts popular beachside cafes, restaurants, libraries, beaches, the Glenelg tram, hotels and extensive retail opportunities. The school is well serviced by train and bus routes and is located approximately 6 kilometres from the Adelaide Airport.

For more information about The City of Holdfast Bay see www.holdfast.sa.gov.au.

Enrolment Options

Year 7, 2023

The Department for Education year 7  intake will begin in May 2022. Year 6 students in public primary schools, will be provided all registration information via the Department for Education. For more information, please visit the department website by clicking here.

Students in non-government schools can contact Michelle Yiannicou at Brighton Secondary School on 08 8375 8200 or email Michelle.Yiannicou931@schools.sa.edu.au or by emailing the department on education.startingsecondaryschool@sa.gov.au.

Enrolments for 2023 – Special Interest Programs – by application only

Applications open in March 2022

The aim of the Special Interest Volleyball Program is to foster the holistic athletic development of talented students. We welcome students with a keen interest in volleyball and athleticism, academic and vocational pursuits and personal development.

19 March 2021 Closing date for applications (all students, in-zone and out-of-zone).

Out-of-school Zone trials will be conducted in:
• March – Year 6s (by appointment only)

In-school Zone trials will be conducted in:
•  May – Year 6s (by appointment only)

Final Selection
Out-of-School Zone students selected from the initial trial will be invited to attend the final selection trial at which movement, co-ordination and ball skills will be tested. Should your child be selected, second round Out-of-School Zone trials will take place in April 2022.

For more information on the SIV application process, please click here.

Company Bright develops in-depth knowledge and practical skills in the performing arts through rigorous tailored programs that value curiosity, creativity, collaboration and critical thinking. With outstanding performance opportunities utilising the Brighton Performing Arts Centre’s state-of-the-art technology, alongside mentoring by industry experts, our students develop exceptional skills in both production and performance. Online applications can be found on our website.

Students may apply to enter the Think Bright Program which models personalised, collaborative and challenge-based learning strategies. There is a focus on creative and critical thinking in the Think Bright Program to enrich the learning experience of students who have demonstrated initiative, leadership, problem-solving capabilities and interest in rigorous learning. Online applications can be found on our website.


Enrolments for CB & TB open in March 2022. An online application form will be available via our website on this date.

The Special Interest Music Program brings together students with high musical aptitude into an environment in which they can thrive. Our purpose is to deliver the best possible music program to all students through: an empowering curriculum; outstanding ensembles; inspirational experiences; and a culture of sharing, innovation, fun and inclusivity.


Enrolments for SIM open in March 2022. An online application form will be available via our website on this date.

For more information on the SIM application process, please click here.

School Tours

School Tours are only available to families that are eligible to enrol at Brighton Secondary School in 2023.  Please contact Michelle Yiannicou on 8375 8252 for further information on enrolment eligibility.

School Tours will be held on the following dates:

Tuesday 15 March 9:00am – 10.30am
Monday 21 March 9:00am – 10.30am
Tuesday 29 March 9:00am – 10.30am



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