Fac Omnia Bene – Do All Things Well

At Brighton Secondary School, we foster an environment where students aspire to be successful learners, confident and creative individuals, and active and informed citizens. 

This is underpinned by our ASPIRE values, which were developed collaboratively through student forums in 2021. 

We value connectedness, belonging and challenge, and our leadership opportunities reflect this.

Year 12 Prefects
Year 12 students who aspire to be a voice and support of their peers, and endeavour to be positive role models and leaders, have an opportunity to apply for and represent the school as a Prefect. 

The two Head Prefects attend Governing Council meetings and meet with Senior Leaders to offer student perspective and voice on issues that directly impact them. 

Special Interest Program & International Captains
Our Special Interest Volleyball and Special Interest Music programs offer Captain and Vice-Captain positions to senior students, in their final years of the program, as well as Middle School Captain and Vice-Captain positions for Year 9 students. These students are exceptional role models for the programs and the school, and are provided with an opportunity to guide, support, and lead their peers through the program. 

Similarly, in Year 12, two students who study abroad at Brighton Secondary are given the opportunity to represent the international student body as International Captains. 

Middle School Leaders
Aspiring leaders in Year 9 have the opportunity to be a part of a Middle School Leadership team. Middle School Leaders act as role models for students in Years 7, 8 and 9, and work collaboratively to seek and act on feedback from middle school students to develop specific opportunities for their cohort, as well as supporting their transition to secondary school. 

Whole School Leadership Team meetings
All Student Leaders meet at least once a term a whole-school leadership team to collaborate on school-wide student led events, provide updates, and seek feedback on their team’s progress and goals.

Student Wellbeing Leaders
Two students across all year levels are selected as Student Wellbeing Leaders to drive initiatives and events to improve the overall wellbeing of students in our school. They gather student information and perspectives to inform their planning, provide advice on policies and plans, and lead the organisation of celebrations for key days of significance including Harmony Day and RUOK Day.

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House Culture
The students at Brighton Secondary belong to one of six houses: Tantutiti, Tarnta, Mirnu, Wilya, Yarlu and Karrkala. Our new house system was developed in 2021 through authentic student voice opportunities. Students used the opportunity to redevelop our house system to acknowledge Kaurna Country, and each house is named after local flora, fauna, and land forms.  

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House Captains
One student from each house, in each year level, is selected as a House Captain if they are passionate about their school and school experiences, interested in planning, promoting and participating in activities and events, and value opportunities for students to represent the school. 

Their leadership, participation and encouragement are paramount at competitive House events such as Swimming Carnival, Year 7 and 8 Challenge Cup and Sports Day, but their involvement as leaders and representatives of their House spreads far beyond sporting experiences.  

Peer Leadership
Primary school to high school transition is a pivotal time in a young person’s school journey, which is supported by the Year 10 Peer Support Leaders; senior school students who have a valued role as mentor and pillar of support in the critical stages of transition into high school.

Student Voice & Agency
At Brighton Secondary School, students are encouraged to make their needs and requests visible to staff. Whole-school student surveys and open student forums are fundamental in refining and informing school plans. 

Various student action groups, concerned with developing and promoting our school, are offered to students and target the needs and aspirations of current students. 

With broad exposure to leadership within a range of learning experiences, activities and events, every student at Brighton Secondary School has an opportunity to build themselves as a leader, connecting to their peers, classrooms, House, school and wider community 

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