Governance and Leadership

The Brighton Secondary School Governing Council meets on the first Monday of each month at 7.00pm.

The Brighton Secondary School Governing Council comprises 21 councillors, including:

  • 1 Principal
  • 15 elected parents (including 1 SIM representative and 1 SIV representative)
  • 3 community representatives
  • 2 student representatives
  • 3 staff representatives

Role of council:

  • To involve the school community in the governance of the school by:
    • providing a focus and a forum for the involvement of parents and the school community
    • ascertaining the educational needs of the local community and the attitude of the local community to educational developments with the school
    • ensuring that the cultural and social diversity of the community is considered and particular needs are appropriately identified
  • To set the broad direction and vision of the school
  • Strategic planning for the school including:
    • developing, monitoring and reviewing the objectives and targets of the strategic plan
    • considering, approving and monitoring human resources and asset management plans
  • Determine policies for the school including policies for the safety, welfare and discipline of students
  • Determine the application of the total financial resources available to the school including the regular review of the budget
  • Monitor and review the Services Agreement
  • Report to the school community and the Minister on:
    • the strategic plan
    • the finances of the school
    • operational plans and the council’s operations

If you have any queries or requests for information please contact the school or the Chairperson, Sue McKenzie, by phoning the school on 8375 8200 or email


Brighton Secondary School
Governing Council Members 2020
Tony Lunniss
Alexis Watt
Benjamin Hooper
Martin Bowens
Samantha Wilks
Katie Gallagher
Karen Leo
Richard Cawley
Andrew Chapman
Dara Lancaster
Mathew Lister
Anuja Peters
Gaurav Peters
Kerry Pienaar
Sally Shearing
John Wright
TBA – Community Representatives
Faith Brohier
Veronica Galati
Bennett Syme
Sami Madlur
Brooke Wingard


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