F1 in Schools™

Brighton Secondary School has rich history in the largest STEM Program in the world having won 2 world finals in 2012 and 2018.

The international competition is part of a worldwide push, initiated in the UK, at increasing student engagement with STEM learning, with the aim to stimulate and promote student interest in future careers.

Students are given the challenge of designing, marketing, manufacturing and racing model F1 cars, using state of the art computer software to help them. Part of the designing process requires the students to conduct aerodynamic, Fluid Dynamic and Structural Finite Element Analysis testing using a range of additional software.

The vehicles are manufactured here at Brighton Secondary School using a Computer Numerically Controlled machine and Balsa wood blocks. The vehicles are powered by a CO2 ‘soda stream’ cylinder and race at up to 80 kilometres per hour.

Brighton Secondary School has a well organised and passionate mentor program with past F1 students to help continue the challenge and support new interested students.

Each year Brighton Secondary School enters teams in the State F1 in Schools finals, with the opportunity to win and represent South Australia in the National competition and if successful represent Australia at world finals.

Check out the current World Champions (Horizon) website for a insight into where the innovative student lead program of F1 in Schools™ can take you.

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