Year 7 Learning Structures

Middle Schooling at Brighton Secondary School

The Brighton Secondary School (BSS) Middle School delivers teaching and learning specifically for the unique stage of development that occurs during early adolescence.

In acknowledging this significant period in adolescent development, we utilise specific organisational structures to provide a safe and supportive learning environment.


During the transition process, each student enrolling at Brighton Secondary School will be allocated to one of our Houses. These Houses provide a school-wide sense of belonging for our students through House assemblies where all year levels in each House come together and House competitions including House challenges and sporting events. Houses also provide students in all year levels opportunities to apply for leadership positions within the school as House Captains.


Brighton Secondary School has 12 year 7 Homegroups. Homegroups are an important part of the students’ first year of secondary school as each group will study the majority of their subjects together including our Pastoral Care program. Each Homegroup also has a designated learning space within Tarni Warra, our purpose-built Middle School building.

Each Homegroup has a designated teacher who will be a key contact for the students and their families. This teacher will also teach their Homegroup for two of their core subjects, developing effective relationships and guiding them through their first year.

By working within their Homegroup, our year 7 students will be able to quickly develop a sense of belonging within their year level and their learning space. Homegroups will help foster relationships with new peers and their Homegroup teacher early in their transition.

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