School Fees

School Income

Funds are required to cover the cost of books, printed notes, resource material, consumables, equipment purchased, and equipment maintenance, etc. These expenses are partly met by Government Grants. However, in order to provide a quality educational program for all students, it is necessary to supplement these grants with the following sources of income:

The Materials and Services Charge “Prescribed Sum” paid by parents at the beginning of the year is set at $753 for Years 8-9 and $1050 for Years 10, 11 and 12. A poll of parents in November 2019 set the fee level for 2020.

Results of the Poll:

  • Years 8-9 – 80% Yes
  • Years 10, 11 and 12 – 75% Yes

The charge and subject charges were approved by the Chief Executive in December 2019. There is no voluntary component and therefore the total charge is legally recoverable.

Supplementary subject charges have been approved by Governing Council and the Chief Executive in recognition of the high cost of consumable items. These subject areas generally charge students throughout the year for certain projects and this now means that the additional charge is paid at the beginning of the year or semester. Some very large or complex projects may still require a further cost which will be individually negotiated. The invoice details the full year cost for all year levels for 2020.

School Card

An allowance of $322 per annum is paid to the school by the Government on behalf of approved School Card students. This allowance is to assist with the cost of books, materials and equipment necessary for classroom activities and school charges. A new application for approval is required and is to be submitted for each student each year at each school.

Information for eligibility can be found on the Department for Education website (click here) or from the school.

Instalment Agreement

  • Payment of the Materials and Services charge by instalment can be arranged for approved families
    by contacting the school.
  • The extra charges cannot be included in the instalment plan.
  • The instalment agreement spans the period up to the end of Term 1.
  • ALL charges to be paid by 9 April 2021.

Payment Methods

Visacard, Mastercard and Eftpos
These facilities will be available for the payment of fees.

Direct Credit payment of Fees

Pay via Qkr! on your Andriod phone, iPhone or iPad. Download the simple instructions to get Qkr! on your device here.

Qkr! can be used for payment of school fees, excursions, VET and course fees and lunch orders.

To make an online payment follow this link to our BPOINT page.

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