Middle School Update

News & Events 4/05/2023
Casey Freeman

I would like to welcome back our middle school students to Term 2. It was pleasing to see them return on Monday of Week 1 and begin engaging in the second term of their Semester 1 classes.

Welcome Assemblies
Throughout Week 1 each of our middle school year levels were involved in a year level assembly to set up the term. The students received information about upcoming events, a Wellbeing and Engagement survey that they will be involved in and reminders about uniform and the new Mobile Phone and Personal Devices policy.



Mobile Phone and Personal Devices Policy
We have been pleased with the students’ response to the new policy so far this term. We recognise that this is a significant change for our students and aimed to support the students as much as possible in Term 1 by providing them with information and opportunities to discuss and clarify the new policy before we implemented it this term.

One noticeable positive has been a clear increase in students using break times to socialise, join clubs and activities and be involved in physical activity.

Uniform Reminders
As we head into the cooler months we are looking for the support of our families with our uniform policy. A particular area of focus during these terms is students wearing PE tracksuit pants as school uniform. These pants are to be worn only in HPE lessons and not at other times. Students are also not permitted to wear non-uniform jumpers or hoodies while at school and are required to wear one of the jumper or jacket options provided as part of the uniform.

If you have any questions about the school uniform please contact your child’s home group teacher in the first instance. Further information can also be found on our website at: https://www.brightonss.sa.edu.au/student-life/uniform2/

Homework Club
The middle school Homework Club operates in Tarni Warra from 9am – 10am on a Wednesday morning. Students are supervised during this time and can work on any subject tasks or homework that they may have.

It has been great to see many students using this opportunity, including many students sitting and working together on their subject work during this time.

Casey Freeman

Head of Middle School

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