Amy from KOREA

Amy Kim - Brighton Secondary School International Student

The best thing about Brighton Secondary School is that we use laptops for every lesson. It makes students work much more efficiently using many different resources from the internet. Also, I no longer have to worry about losing my USB and not being able to hand my assignments up since laptops are use.

What are your favourite subjects and why?
My favourite subject is ESL (English as a Second Language). I guess there is nothing better than working hard in ESL class to achieve better English writing skills. Also all of the ESL teachers are really nice and eager to help the students.

If you were to encourage other international students to study at Brighton Secondary School what would you say to them?
If you are from the countries in Asia like I am, I would definitely say that Brighton Secondary School is a good place to experience a different school system and cultures with many nice people. Also, you will get more freedom here.

How do you find your teachers and support staff?
As there are many teachers supporting international students, there are no difficulties to find teachers or support staff whenever I need some help. I simply just need to go to their office and find them. All the teachers help me and explain if I have any language problems or don’t get what to do with assignments.

What is different about Brighton Secondary School?
Almost everything in this school is very different with the school that I used to attend in Korea. Year 12 jumpers are really impressive and the school kind of encourages students to get a part time job. These are not the things that would happen in the school in my country.

Describe the two best things you did while living and studying in Adelaide.

  1. Nice people and beautiful environment.
  2. Being able to get a part time job with a student visa.
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