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On Tuesday 14 September we celebrated the official opening of our new Middle School building, Tarni Warra, which means ‘sound of the waves’ in Kaurna language, by the Hon John Gardner MP, Minister for Education. The building of Tarni Warra and the significant refurbishment of our original 1952 Spence building, was made possible through a $13.8million investment by the state government’s Capital Works Program, associated with the move of year 7s to high school. The opening featured a welcome to country and cleansing ceremony, as well as student presentations and musical performances.

While we are thrilled with the appearance and functionality of Tarni Warra, what’s most critical is what happens inside the building – the quality of the teaching and learning, the culture and climate we create, the positive relationships, the sense of care, connection and belonging our students feel during their critical early adolescent years at Brighton Secondary School.

We are extremely pleased to have this project completed ahead of schedule, and out year 8 students began using the building at the start of term 4 2021.

The building of Tarni Warra included:

  • over 70,000 being hours worked onsite during the project
  • 17 apprentices were employed during the course of the projects
  • 29 separate subcontracting companies being engaged – all locally based
  • 96% of all rubbish removed from site being recycled
  • over 210 ton of structural steel used to form the skeleton of the building.



Refurbishments on the upper floor of the Spence wing of the school, which is the oldest building on the site, has provided:

  • 6 general learning spaces updated for contemporary learning.
  • a learning common for classroom breakout.
  • a fresh staff preparation space designed to bring teams together.



Across 2 levels the contemporary learning building contains:

  • 12 general learning spaces.
  • 3 STEM labs.
  • a Maker Space to further STEM learning.
  • think tanks.
  • a gallery and forum space.
  • learning commons and breakout areas.
  • smenities.
  • teacher preparation spaces.

Landscaping has also be undertaken around the new building and additional bicycle parking installed.

The beach volleyball courts have also been relocated as part of this project.



Should you have any questions or concerns regarding these works, please contact us on 08 8375 8200 or email


Information from the Department for Education is available at:




Last updated: 6 October 2021

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