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We are extremely excited to share details of our upcoming Capital Works Project to aid the transition of year 7 students into secondary school in 2022.

The school has been assigned $13.8m for the construction of a new building as well as the refurbishment of some older spaces to support contemporary learning.



Our new building is expected to be completed mid 2021 and has been specifically designed for use by our Middle School students.  It will be located in place of the current Beach Volleyball courts along the north perimeter of the school.  The volleyball courts will then be relocated to the north-east corner of the rear oval

Across 2 levels the contemporary learning building will contain:

  • 12 general learning spaces
  • 3 STEM labs
  • A Maker Space to further STEM learning
  • Think tanks
  • A gallery and forum space
  • Learning commons and breakout areas
  • Amenities
  • Teacher preparation spaces

Landscaping will also be undertaken around the new building and additional bicycle parking installed.



Refurbishments will be taking place on the upper floor of the Spence wing of the school, which is the oldest building on the site.  The refurbishment works will take place from late term 4 2020 and into the summer school holidays.  Once complete, the refurbishment will provide:

  • 6 general learning spaces updated for contemporary learning
  • A learning common for classroom breakout
  • A fresh staff preparation space designed to bring teams together



Construction Zones

The above map outlines areas that will be out of action effective Friday 17 July 2020.  The main construction compound will remain for the length of the project (minimum 12 months).  All buildings will be accessible however, some access routes may change.

Additional works are being conducted on the oval to relocate the Beach Volleyball Courts, AFL Goal posts, cricket pitch, long jump pit and other items, which may be unavailable for short periods of time.  Impact on oval use will be minimised.


Temporary exclusion zones will be in place on the oval from 6th August 2020 until 17th August 2020


Timelines and Dates

  • Onsite setup – during the July 2020 school holidays
  • Beach Volleyball Courts unavailable – Friday 17 July – Friday 18 September 2020
  • HASS and Languages refurbishment – Middle of term 4 2020 through to end of Christmas holidays (timeline to be confirmed)


Parking and Traffic

Traffic conditions in surrounding streets and within carparks may be altered.  Please comply with all signed conditions and drive safely.


For the safety of all people during the project, Student:

  • Drop Off
  • Pick up
  • And parking

will NOT be permitted onsite during the school day to reduce traffic in and out.


For after hours, please consider the altered access and allow additional time to park.




Should you have any questions or concerns regarding these works, please contact us on 08 8375 8200 or email


Information from the Department for Education is available at:





Last updated: 6 August 2020

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