Daily Routine Expectations

Regular and punctual attendance at school is necessary for students to learn effectively and to achieve success in their learning. The school has a range of procedures to monitor attendance and promote students’ skills of self organisation. There is an expectation that there will be communication between the home and the school when students are absent.


  • Students are expected to arrive at school by 8.30am and to punctually attend all lessons and Home Group.
  • If students do not attend a morning Home Group period, they are required to go to Student Reception to have their time of arrival and daily attendance recorded.

Leaving school during the day

  • Students who need to leave school for medical or other appointments should have a note from their parents in the planner. It should be shown to Student Reception before signing out.
  • Students register their departure at Student Reception and have the planner stamped and signed. On returning, the student signs in again at Student Reception.
  • Students are not permitted to leave the school grounds without registering their departure.

Absence from school

  • All official records of attendance are managed by Student Reception staff.
  • If students are absent from school due to illness or other unavoidable circumstances, parents are required to telephone the school’s absence phone line on 8375 8231 on the morning of the absence. Alternatively, parents may email the school at absences.student@brighton.sa.edu.au preferably by 10.00am on the day of the absence, and include the child’s full name, Home Group Teacher, reason for their absence and when they are expected to return to school.
  • In addition to this, to support the pastoral care of the students, parents are requested to send a note in the planner to inform Student Reception of the reason for absence.
  • Parents / students may be required to provide a medical certificate to explain absence which exceeds three consecutive days.

Extended absence from school (non medical reasons)

  • If parents wish to apply for permission for a student to be absent from school in excess of four days, an exemption form is required from the Principal prior to absence. Exemption forms are available from Student Reception.

Leaving class during a lesson

  • Students who are given permission to leave class during a lesson should write a note in their planner with their destination and time of leaving, have it signed by the teacher and carry the planner with them. Movement around the school during lesson time should be minimal.


Homework is often ongoing assignment work that gives students valuable practice in working independently, consolidating and applying their learning. It is an integral part of the curriculum that is essential to encourage and support progress in each subject.

Parents are asked to support students in planning and completing homework and by checking and signing the planner each week.

Lockers and school bags

  • All students have access to a large locker and must use them to store their bags, books, Macbooks and other materials during the day.
  • Students should not be carrying bags at the change of lesson and during breaks.
  • PE and Volleyball gear should be kept in the locker and removed and returned at break times.

Computer and Internet access at school

  • All students will be required to adhere to the Learning Technologies Code of Conduct.
  • MacBook users will also need to sign, and adhere to the One to One Learning Program MacBook Policy.
  • These policies are available on the school’s Policy page.

Mobile phones and other ICT storage devices at school

Students must take responsibility for the safe keeping of personal mobile phones, laptop computers, portable music devices and ICT storage devices. The school cannot accept responsibility for any loss or theft of such items.

  • Mobile phones are to be turned off and be out of sight during lessons, assemblies and meetings.
  • Mobile phones may only be used to receive, return, or make calls during recess and lunch breaks, or before and after school.
  • Mobile phones and portable music devices will be confiscated if used inappropriately.


  • Students are expected to contribute to a litter free school environment.
  • Students must cooperate with staff requests to clean up when asked.

Permanent Marking Pens, Textas, Chewing Gum

  • To protect the school environment, these items should not be brought to school.

Travel to and from school

  • Whether walking, riding or travelling to and from school by bus or train, students should be conscious of their own safety and respect the rights of other travellers.
  • Students must cross major roads only at crossing lights.
  • Bicycle safety should be observed and riders must wear safety helmets and lock bicycles when storing bikes in bike racks.
  • Any student who is a passenger in a car driven by another student, must have written parent permission. Parent permission for both drivers and passengers is required.
  • Department for Education schools in South Australia do not have insurance to cover damage to, or theft of bikes and cars parked on the school grounds.
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