Three students in STEM F1 Program - Brighton Secondary School
Stem F1 Program - Brighton Secondary School

STEM Bright Program

The STEM Bright Program at Brighton Secondary School has been developed to prepare students for careers and further study in the areas of Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM). In addition to learning specific curriculum content, STEM encourages critical and creative thinking, challenge-based and collaborative learning.

Students enrolled in the STEM Bright Program undertake a full year of classes across years 8-10 in each of science, design and digital technologies, and mathematics. These classes are taught using a cross-disciplinary approach and aligned to the Australian Curriculum. Integrated curriculum units are collaboratively planned by a dedicated team of specialist subject teachers, who contextualise the learning and pose real-world problems for students to solve relating to a common theme.

STEM education engages students in solving real world problems through project-based learning, and encourages them to innovate and think critically and creatively.

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