Company Bright Program

Students with a demonstrated passion for the performing arts have the opportunity to audition for the Company Bright Program.

Company Bright develops in-depth knowledge and practical skills in the performing arts through rigorous tailored programs that value curiosity, creativity, collaboration and critical thinking. Working in production company models, students explore the various roles involved in creating relevant inspiring work, both as on-stage and off-stage theatre and film makers. With outstanding performance opportunities utilising the Brighton Performing Arts Centre’s state-of-the-art technology, alongside mentoring by industry experts, students will develop exceptional skills in both production and performance. Company Bright will prepare graduates for excellent outcomes in stage 1 and 2 drama as well as offer invaluable adaptable skills as lifelong learners and productive citizens. Students may apply for the Company Bright Program by completing the application form.​

For the Company Bright video submission please upload via the online application form a 2 minute video providing evidence of participation in the performing arts or in collaborative group work.  Demonstrate your creativity and your enjoyment of problem solving with others.  This is an opportunity to get to know you and to know you are passionate about joining Company Bright.

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