Yuji (Dennis) from CHINA

Yuji Dennis MA - Brighton Secondary School International Student

My favourite thing about Brighton Secondary School is music. There are many music bands and I love the music they play.

What are your favourite subjects and why?
Physics is my favourite subject because it’s always about machines and their operations. I am addicted to this stuff.

If you were to encourage other international students to study at Brighton Secondary School what would you say to them?
Brighton Secondary School is an awesome school. It has good facilities and the teachers and students are friendly. You will never regret coming to this school.

How do you find your teachers and support staff?
My teachers are very knowledgeable and experienced, I like the way they teach in the class and they are very helpful.

What is different about Brighton Secondary School?
Brighton Secondary School is a school that not only focuses on normal courses but it also tries to develop other skills such as volleyball and music.

Describe the 2 best things you did while living and studying in Adelaide.

  1. My English has improved.
  2. I found a girlfriend.
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