Year 9 Curriculum

Year 9 General Course and Think Bright 

In Year 9 our students follow a core curriculum, maintaining a balance across the compulsory Australian Curriculum with opportunities to choose options within the performing and visual arts (Drama, Music and Art), Languages (Japanese or French) and Technologies. Students are encouraged to consider building upon the skills and experiences in Year 7 and 8 to consolidate their developing understanding of their interests and strengths to inform their future pursuits.

Year 9 General Course students will automatically be allocated English, History, Mathematics, Science and Health and Physical Education. They are then required to choose options from Arts, Technologies and Physical Education electives and have the option to continue with language.

Year 9 Special Think Bright students will automatically be allocated English, History, Mathematics, Science, Health and Physical Education and the Challenge Based Project subjects. Students will need to select an Art option along with a free elective options and/or to continue a language.

Course Outline - General Selection and Think Bright
















Year 9 Special Interest Music (SIM)

Year 9 Special Interest Music students will automatically be allocated English, History, Mathematics, Science and Health and Physical Education subjects. Students will then choose electives from the Physical Education, Arts and Technologies and/or  continue with a language.

Course Outline - Special Interest Music (SIM)



















Year 9 Special Interest Volleyball (SIV)

Year 9 Special Interest Volleyball students will automatically be allocated English, History, Mathematics, and Science subjects. The Health and Physical Education curriculum is incorporated into the program however, students will need to select Art, Technologies or Physical Educations options and/or to continue a language.

Course Outline - Special Interest Volleyball (SIV)


















Year 9 Elective Subjects

Art Electives

Visual Arts: 

Building with the Elements of Art 

In Building with the Elements of Art we will explore line, tone, texture, colour, shape, space and form as important building blocks of visual and design art works. You will apply a range of art media including drawing, painting, print making, collage, sculpture and installation into artworks.

Creative Principles of Art

In Creative Principles of Art we will focus on rhythm, contrast, balance, pattern, emphasis, movement and unity. These principles will be explored through a range of art media including drawing, print making, painting, collage, sculpture and installation to create artworks.

Media Studies: 

Media Arts 

In Media Arts you will explore sound, word and visual imagery to gain an understanding of the purpose and function of media and how it relates to culture and society. You will explore the film making process and learn to create, evaluate and respond to media artworks.

Performing Arts: 

Core Music (required for SIM)

Building on Year 8 Core Music, you will engage further in meaningful music making. This will include theory, aural musicianship, composition, analysis, ensemble and solo performance. 

Theatre Magic

In Theatre Magic, we will experiment with a range of storytelling techniques including comedy, improvisation, characterisation and film making. We will analyse and evaluate our performances alongside the Technical Theatre and Design students, we will perform in a full production in the Brighton Theatre.

Technical Theatre and Design

In Technical Theatre and Design, we will engage in practical workshops to explore lighting, sound, set, multimedia and costume design. We will work with industry professionals and learn to create different design concepts as well as make and operate them in models and on stage. We will apply our skills alongside the Theatre Magic students in a full production in the Brighton Theatre.



You will investigate the 5 major biomes found on Earth learning about the variations of landscapes, climate, plants, and animals found within each biome. You will undertake learning about staple foods and the issues associated with world food security, while developing knowledge of various ways to increase agricultural yields.

Did you know tourism is one of the fastest growing global industries? In Geography you will discover the latest trends and factors shaping tourism and how these factors impact countries socially, environmentally, and economically. You will demosntrate your knowledge and skills through reports, multimodal presentations, and source analysis.




In year 9 French students will build upon their understanding of French culture and further develop their French language skills including asking questions, time and daily routines, transport and map reading. We will explore French cinema and music as we build a deeper understanding of the rich French cultural experiences.



In year 9 Japanese students will build upon their understanding of Japanese culture and further develop their Japanese language skills including routines and questioning, describing home and general school instructions. We will explore family life, cuisine, sport and education in Japan.

Physical Education

Physical Education

In Physical Education, we will explore a range of practical topics to enhance physical performance, collaboration, skill analysis and performance evaluation.  Topics may include Touch Football, Softball, Baseball, Ultimate Frisbee, Athletics, Basketball, Australian Rules and Indoor Soccer

Technology Electives

Design Technologies 

You will create designed solutions incorporating responses to the challenge of sustainability. You will create and adapt design ideas, make decisions and justify your choices to different audiences using relevant technical terms and computer aided manufacturing processes. You will need to apply project management skills and document your production and reflections whilst using a variety of materials including metals, timbers, and plastics.

Digital Technologies

You will further develop your understanding and skills in computational thinking such as precisely and accurately describing problems and use modular approaches to design solutions.  You will analyse problems, design and evaluate solutions to a range of digital innovations including autonomous vehicles, smart agriculture and game design.  

STEM F1 in schools

You will apply STEM thinking to design, test, manufacture and race a prototype F1 vehicle. You will learn to use 3D modelling and virtual wind tunnel software to design and test the aerodynamic efficiency of your car. You will use 3D printing and a CNC technology to build your design. Success in this course will lead to opportunities to compete in the biggest engineering competition in the world.

Architecture and CAD

You will learn how to use a range of CAD software programs in this subject. With these skills, you will create architectural models based on your investigation into sustainable building practices. Your design can be visualised using floorplans, animations and virtual reality technology.

Food in Action

You will develop an understanding of the importance of a variety of food, sound nutrition principles and food preparation skills in order to make better food choices.

Sew Make Create

You will develop design and construction skills using fibre materials through two major projects, a t-shirt and cushion.

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