Two students in Brighton Secondary School Library
2 students in Brighton Secondary School Library

Choosing an iPad for Year 8 2020

Recommended Model: Apple iPad 9.7 Inch Wifi Only (32GB or 128GB)

Suitable Models: iPad Air 3, iPad Pro, iPad (2017, 2018 & 2019 models)

iPads for year 8 students at Brighton Secondary School need to be updated to the latest operating system released by Apple. Older iPad models are not able to run the apps required for our school. Please note that the iPad mini is no longer suitable.

There is no need for any 3G (cellular) service on the iPads, and WiFi only models are preferred. 3G internet incurs an extra ongoing monthly cost and cannot be filtered by the school internet filtering system. 3G is not required for school.


iPads need to be in a protective case as they can be easily damaged. We recommend the STM DUX or Studio case that covers the iPad corners as a base model or any of the drop-proof cases like those from OtterBox or LifeProof.


As the iPad is used for both research and typing assignments, a keyboard will provide students with more screen space and ergonomic comfort when typing. This will be increasingly advantageous as tests like NAPLAN and SACE exams move online.

There are two options available when purchasing keyboards: wired and Bluetooth. Both are acceptable, however, we recommend a Bluetooth keyboard. This is because wired keyboards are incompatible with some testing programs such as NAPLAN as they block the headphone jack.


Headphones will also be required for a range of software programs used across the curriculum as well as online tests such as NAPLAN. Apple headphones are included with all new iPad purchases, however, generic headphones are also available at a small cost from retailers.

Bringing your iPad to School

The iPad needs to be either new or reset to the default setting. This means that if the device has been used previously, the iPad must be reset and updated before being handed on. This will remove old data and settings, and make the iPad compatible with our network. The iPad must also be free from any cracks or chips within the screen as this is a safety issue. Prior to school commencement, please also ensure the iPad has been set up with an Apple ID and that the following apps have been downloaded:

Apple utility apps:

  • Pages
  • iMovie
  • Numbers
  • Keynote
  • Garageband

Apps set up at school:

  • Daymap Connect
  • Meraki Systems Manager
  • OwnCloud
  • Brighton Secondary School App

Other apps can be added as they are needed for classes.

Where to purchase your iPad

We encourage you to consider purchasing your iPad, case and keyboard together as most retailers offer discounted package deals. You’re welcome to purchase your iPad from any reputable retailer, but if you would like Apple education pricing, please see the ‘Apple education pricing’ button at the bottom of this page.

This customised portal offers student pricing on a range of Apple products for the Brighton Secondary School community. It also offers free delivery and in-store pick-up. Please remember that this portal hosts a range of Apple products, not just those approved by our program, so use our recommended model information to guide your iPad purchase.

Apple purchase and support information

You can also visit our local Apple Store in Rundle Place, Adelaide or call 133-622 to purchase through the Apple Store contact centre. Remember to mention you’re from Brighton Secondary School to receive student pricing. The Rundle Place team will also be able to assist you with which iPad to purchase for our program.

Finance options are available for purchases made at an Apple Store, online or by calling the Apple Store contact centre. You can also visit to find out if your existing iPad, iPhone or smartphone qualifies to be traded in for a gift card, or visit an Apple Store and if your device qualifies, get credit towards a new one.

Learning and support

Personal Setup is available exclusively from Apple stores. These free sessions can help answer your iPad questions, walk you through key features, find you great apps and show you how to personalise your student’s new device.

The Apple Store also offers free Today at Apple sessions to develop new skills, and your student can learn and create at an Apple Camp or Kids Hour session. Some sessions I’d recommend are iPad Basics, Photo Walks, Video Stories with Clips, and Music Lab. Visit or download the Apple Store app to discover the programs happening near you.

Click here for apple education pricing


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